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Dish of the Day: Eetch

Yerevan restaurants offer a wide variety of choice in terms of both cuisine and atmosphere, so that anyone can find a favorite spot. Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant, located in the heart of Yerevan, is a place where you can taste a range of unique Western Armenian dishes in a beautiful modern setting.


One of our bestselling dishes at Tufenkian Kharpert is Eetch salad. Eetch is made of bulghur infused with concentrated tomato juice, mixed with fried onions and Armenian pepper.


Eetch salad is made entirely from fresh vegetarian ingredients, which makes it a good choice also during Lent period.


So come visit Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant in Yerevan and taste Eetch salad, as well as a wide choice of unique and delicious Armenian dishes and desserts.


Address: 48 Hanrapetutyan street

Telephone: 060 50 10 30

12 September, 2014

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