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Спец. меню Янв-Фев


Salads and Appetizers
Egglant Puree with Mint and Almonds 2400 AMD
Puree made from grilled eggplants, mixed with creamy matsun, chopped almonds, mint, lemon juice and garlic
Pear Salad in Tahini Sauce 1800 AMD

Sliced pear topped with spicy pepper and tahini sauce 


Tahini Soup 1600 AMD
Chewy wheat balls, chickpea, and onions in a rich tahini broth accented with tarragon and olive oil
Main Courses
Chicken "Marengo" 3800 AMD
Chicken legs fried with mushrooms in wine sauce. Served with fried eggs
Trout Fillet with Smoked Potato Puree 4400 AMD
Trout fillet topped with light white sauce and fresh Armenian greens


Tahini Hot Chocolate Cake

1800 AMD

With a heart of melted chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream



Заказать Столик
Event Date: 26 Январь, 2017

International Women’s Day 2023 at Tufenkian Kharpert Restaurant